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Swingin' Chicks of the '60sPeople
A loving, laughing, respectful tribute to great actresses, singers, and models -- the swingin' chicks -- of the 1960s (it says here). From Ursula Andress to Susannah York via Mary Quant and Twiggy this is an international who's who of the period although a little biased towards American women.

Time Magazine: 100 most influential people of the 20th century
Time Magazine is itself an icon of the Twentieth Century. In its look back at the best and worst of the century, this website covers the 100 most important people. Naturally this includes many 60s and 70s names like musicians The Beatles, Dylan and Aretha or political heroes like Che Guevara, The Kennedys and Ho Chi Minh or sports heroes like Muhammad Ali and Pele.

The Philip Townsend Archive

The Philip Townsend Archive is one of the most extensive archives of 1960's photography in existence. It contains the first ever Rolling Stones photo shoot and a vast collection of photos of anyone who was anyone from 1961 to 1969. You can buy a selection of the images at www.sixtiescards.com.

Laura Lee's Hippie Haven
Laura Lee's Hippie Haven features the original and now famous Are You a Hippie quiz plus this month in hippie history, collected definitions of the word hippie and facts on 1960s music. Laura's site hasn't been updated since early 1999 and it is American, but it still worth a quick visit.

This USA site is "for hippies and the little hippie in all of us. Everyone can participate and add content through forums and chat rooms. Info on the sixties, drugs, peace, the new age, music, the arts, plus links to other related sites." Plenty of content for the happy hippie.

Sixties Dot Com
Not as general as it sounds, this American site is a celebration of the people, music, art and events of the Haight-Ashbury area in San Francisco in the sixties when it became, briefly, the home of the Summer of Love.

Peace and Love
A very personal record from a San Francisco hippie of the Summer of Love era. More on the subject of Peace and Love and remembrances of Hippie times. An enjoyable read if you can handle the psychedelic presentation.

Timothy Leary
Timothy Leary shot into public awareness during the sixties with his advocacy of the use of hallucinogenic drugs for expanding conciousness. He died in 1996 of prostate cancer. This site celebrates the man and his views.

Ticket to Ride

Author Graham Sclater spent much of the sixties living and working as a musician in Hamburg. His book, "Ticket to Ride", is an account of some of the events that numerous English groups experienced and wished to forget.

Japanese Hippiedom
Hippies can be Japanese too, Japanese Hippiedom is described as an entrance to hippie culture in Japan. In 1960s Tokyo, a group called the Tribe embraced hippie culture. By 1978, their communes had gone but a group of latter day Japanese hippies has revived the Tribe.

A Visual Journey: Photographs by Lisa Law 1965-1971
Lisa Law's story is one among thousands that emerged from American society in the turbulent 1960s. Her photographs provide glimpses into the folk and rock music scenes and California's blossoming counterculture.

The Dedicated Follower of Fashion
Fashion Follower is a web magazine featuring articles about pop music and its influence on fashion at different times since the 1950s. Look in "The Attic" for old articles about different style periods.

Beauty and the Bouffant

A pictorial celebration of the "most glamorous hairstyle of the 1960s", this site features a loving look back at the glamorous bouffant hairdo of the 1960s as worn by female stars in various TV and movie scenes.

1960s Fashion

Including hair styles and a wide range of fashion clothes from the USA during the Sixties - lots of pictures and explanations.

Bissonnette on Costume
Anne Bissonnette has created a site that calls itself a visual dictionary of fashion. It includes a snapshot of fashions of the Sixties and Seventies. There are some big pictures so maybe a slow download.

Platform Shoes

All you've ever wanted to know about the development of the trend for those ankle-breaking platform shoes. Fashion Avenue tells us that "by 1975, platforms were so common and fashionable that, to be hip, at least 2 inch soles and 5 inch heels were required."

Fads and Trends

Jack Craig has put together a "super cool list of fads and trends that went by the wayside due to fad, fashion or trend". From afro hairstyles to zoot suits, what do you remember?

History of Fashion, 1960-70

The American Vintage Blues website sells a fascinating collection of retro fashion wear - but it also includes this excellent pictorial history of the fashion of the 60s.

History of Fashion, 1970-80

The American Vintage Blues website again covers the period with a pictorial history of the fashion of the 70s.

Fashion in the 1960s

Nostalgia Central includes this excellent look at fashions of the period in its superb website. And there is an equally good summary of the styles of the seventies at Fashion in the 1970s.

The Honeycomb Hideout
Honeycomb is a personal tribute to pop culture and offbeat ephemera; cool thrift finds, wacky packs, lunch boxes, jokes, cult movies and more. The site features a range of mostly 1970s pop culture. Quirky and American, but still fun.

Rick Cowan's Drawings
Examples of award winning artwork - pencil on paper - from Rick Cowan . The collection includes stunning portraits of 60s and 70s heroes such as Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, and Muhammad Ali. Cowan is also a talented musician and a filmmaker. His site is one of the ElectronicCottage Gallery webring, displaying arts and crafts for sale direct from the artists. 

Virtual Carnaby
Described as Virtual Carnaby this visually demanding site covers the history of Carnaby Street, the epicentre of fashion in the 1960s, and looks at it today as well.

Street Sensation - Carnaby Street
All the shops, bars and restaurants in London's Carnaby Street - today not in the Sixties.

Fashion Design School Search - Fashion Schools

Fashion Design School Search for locating quality fashion schools.

The Daily Telegraph's 100 Sporting Legends
A personal list from David Miller covering the great names and events in Sport of the 20th Century. Whether or not you agree with his top 100, this is a great read.

British Sports Museums
This site lists and provides links to sports museums in Britain and across the world. You find out more about each museum - but you'll have to visit them in person for the real details.

A History of Football from SoccerData
The history of the game of association football, or soccer, with lovingly compiled tables of statistics, histories, pictures and links from the enthusiastic Tony Brown.


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