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Some of the better compilations of Seventies hits. Click on the album cover for more details:


Guinness Book of Hit Singles - Ultimate 70s No.1s, 24 tracks from the Bay City Rollers to Deniece Williams

Early Seventies

True Seventies, 3 CD box set - incl. Amarillo - Tony Christie, Three Times A Lady - Commodores

Mid Seventies

The Best Of The Seventies, 6 cd set, incl. Mississippi - Pussycat, Summer - Bobby Goldsboro, See My Baby Jive - Wizzard

Late Seventies


The K-tel record label first rose to fame in the 60s and became a cultural phenomenon of the 70s for the excellent quality of its music compilations and quirky television commercials. They are still creating great compilations of the best music from the last 50 years in all the different genres like country, rock, pop, gospel and more. You can compile your own CD from their back catalogue or get digital download versions of your favorite songs from the 60s and 70s.

3-Lib DVD
Although Steve Litchfield doesn't emphasise it too much on the front page, his site specialises in converting old, priceless video footage of sixties and seventies music groups onto DVD, a format which will preserve the footage for posterity without deterioration. 3lib will help visitors with a lot of priceless material find a way to keep it forever.

Hollywood and Vine
Capitol Records' Hollywood and Vine website has a good collection of audio and video from past and current artists. Here's your chance to have a 60s and 70s jukebox on your PC. Just select the Classic Rock option from their home page.

The Harmone site is not devoted to any particular era but its "bands" section includes a series of links through to all the major pop artists since Sinatra and Como. A great place to start your search for your favourite 60s or 70s artist.


This is the site that tries to organize all Queen videoclips in one place. There are plenty of Queen music and videos on other sites but it's difficult to have them in a neat sequence. Queentube.net claims it will help you to do that - and a very good job they do too. Pretty much every Queen song of note and plenty of excellent visuals to go with them.


If you're into soundtracks from the 60s and 70s, this groovy site could be worth a visit. There are lots of MP3 clips to sample and plenty of modern interpretations of the style.

Midsummer Radio

Broadcasting to the world from Cambridge, England, this radio station plays the hits of the sixties, seventies and eighties while showing you a wide range of images and ideas from that era.

Radio GB - Sheffield

Radio GB playing sounds from Motown, Northern Soul and soul hits from the late 60s to the early 70s and also today's and yesterday's modern guitar sounds.

Hippie Music
S.F.Heart's music raves of those Hippie Daze! A listing of the music enjoyed by the hippies in the Sixties and early Seventies with descriptions and some quotes by the artists.

VH1 Classic
An Internet radio station, get your favourite music online, includes classic rock and oldies stations.
VH1 is "24-hour network that presents music videos, concerts and music specials featuring classic rock, soul and pop artists from the 60s, 70s and 80s."

An excellent heavy metal and punk rock music radio station. Combining new music in the heavy rock and punk style with classic hits of the Sixties and Seventies.

Disco Savvy
This website is a centralised repository of disco information, highlighting the best disco music from the 1970s through to today. Disco Savvy includes song lists, background information on the performers, reviews and ordering information.

Disco Music

A huge disco music resource that includes history, data and pictures about disco records of the 70s and 80s, the top 700 disco songs charts, DJ and artist interviews and a disco message board.

Sounds of the 70s
A tribute to the music of the seventies from Briton Anthony Williams. Re-live what was a toe tapping, head slamming decade for music, ranging from the first teeny boppers' band, to Glam rock and Punk. Features Abba, Queen, Sweet and T-Rex.

The Seventies Music Groups
Gerd Buesken's Homepage with links to artists of the Seventies. A wide range of styles including The Osmonds, David Cassidy and The Bay City Rollers at one end of the music spectrum to ELO and Manfred Mann's Earthband at the other.

Glitter Suits & Platform Boots

Well, the name says it all doesn't it? Alwyn Turner's "homage to British pop music in the pre-punk 70s is a documentary, if you will a popumentary, of one of the most neglected periods of music history."

English Glam Rock

In his "biased history of English Glam Rock", Steve Pond gives a flavour of how the Glam Rock movement started, grew and then died. As he says, to be Glam you had to be big loud, brash and above all: a star. If you weren't in the charts you weren't glam enough.

Glam Rock Of The 70's
This website is Paul Williams' tribute to the bands of the Glam Rock period in the UK. He says: "Glam rock's emergence into popular music couldn't have come at a better time. What rock needed was a back to basics, get dressed up, be freaky, 'Get Down And Get With It' approach. And thats what glam rock also known as glitter rock gave us."

Glitzine claims it is the number one on-line Glitter Magazine. Glitzine is dedicated to Glam/Sleaze/Punk rock. It says it "doesn't only focus on today but on yesterday and tomorrow as well."

A History of Punk
This is A History of Punk website. It is very American and heavy on words as opposed to pictures. But it is good material written in an enjoyable style. Names like Andy Warhol, Velvet Underground and Lou Reed abound. One story has The Velvet Underground being fired from the Cafe Bizarre in 1966. Lou Reed reminisced: "They said, 'One more song like that and you're fired'. So we played one more song like that and, sure enough, they fired us."

The Women of 1970's Punk
The only website dedicated to the women of 1970's punk rock says Rockin' Rina Gribovsky. Looks at American women primarily but a good feel for the era and there are complete chapters on the early UK punk scene.

Search & Destroy
Search & Destroy is the name of this punk rock & roll search engine. Described as the search engine and directory for old styled punk rock, glam-punk, punk'n'roll, garage-punk & primitive rock'n'roll, Links through to more than 750 websites.

Country Music Classics
Country Music Classics is a weekly newsletter, all about traditional country music artists and their songs, from the 1950's to the 1980's. The website is an excellent source in itself but if you want to learn more about their personal lives, their music and more, then subscribe to the free weekly newsletter.

Acoustic Guitar Song Collection
This is a collection of acoustic songs from famous songwriters, with guitar tablatures, musical excerpts, interviews and related information on Simon & Garfunkel and some other sixties or seventies artists. Lots of sounds and information.


A range of music software programmes for digital musicians to generate, edit, compose, DJ and play audio.


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