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Biggest 80 Films of the 60s and 70s

1969 - 73

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - 1969

This light-hearted picture was one of the biggest box-office westerns ever and it picked up 4 Oscars - although mainly for the music. Paul Newman and Robert Redford are excellent as the charming rogues of the title.

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Midnight Cowboy - 1969

Three Oscars, including best director, for Briton John Schlesinger who observes the strange world of New York through the distorted eyes of naive Texan John Voight and his would be pimp, dying petty crook Dustin Hoffman.

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Kes - 1969

Another excellent example of the ultra-realistic school of British film drama, this time directed by Ken Loach. David Bradley is the teenager whose kestrel is his only joy in the tough world of family and school in Sixties Yorkshire.

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The Italian Job - 1969

With its famous Mini Cooper stunts stealing the scenes from criminals Michael Caine and the extraordinary NoŽl Coward, this box-office success is very Sixties. Yet it managed a very successful remake in 2003.

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Women in Love - 1969

An Oscar for Glenda Jackson as Gudrun Brangwen, clumsily pursued by Oliver Reed as Gerald, in Ken Russell's adaptation of the D H Lawrence novel set in a Nottinghamshire mining town in the early 1920s.

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The Wild Bunch - 1969

After some years in the doldrums, the Western came to life  - although this Sam Peckinpah classic almost re-invented the genre with its gory violence and aging, anti-heroes. William Holden's bunch finally bows out in a blaze of bullets.

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MASH - 1970

This satire on life in a battlefield hospital often feels more like Vietnam in the Sixties than the Korean War in the fifties. But Robert Altman gets a superb performance from his cast, balancing humour with tragedy.



Performance - 1970

Director Nicolas Roeg creates an unsettling masterpiece that mixes James Fox's brutal gangster and Mick Jagger's drug-taking pop star with extraordinary and disturbing effect. Powerful imagery and script have given this cult status.

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The Railway Children - 1970

Based on Nesbit's novel this is a children's movie of style and intelligence. Jenny Agutter stars as Bobbie, a young girl who has to grow up fast and take some responsibility for her family while continuing to be a child.

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The Go-Between - 1970

Lovingly adapted from Hartley's classic novel set in early 19th century Norfolk by director Joseph Losey and writer Harold Pinter. Stars Julie Christie and Alan Bates, whose affair across class boundaries is at the heart of the story.

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Clockwork Orange - 1971

Based on the Burgess novel set in a future dominated by brutal thugs like Malcolm McDowell's Alex, this film is often violent. Director Stanley Kubrick ensured the picture was unseen in Britain for 25 years - securing its cult status.

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Fiddler on the Roof - 1971

This movie adaptation of a hit Broadway musical received three Oscars - including both music and soundtrack. Topol dominates as the Jewish father trying to marry off his five daughters while his people are subject to a pogrom.

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Sunday, Bloody Sunday - 1971

John Schlesinger directs this story of a confused, unhappy love triangle where Glenda Jackson and a gay Peter Finch share a bisexual lover. All three picked up well-deserved British Academy Awards along with the film itself.

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The Godfather - 1972

Virtually an unknown, director Francis Ford Coppola established himself with this epic tale of American gangsters, winning a Best picture Oscar. Starring Marlon Brando (who refused his Oscar) and Al Pacino as Godfather and son.

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Cabaret - 1972

Eight Oscars for this tale of a Berlin nightclub as the Nazis began their brutal rise to power. Director Bob Fosse coaxes a superb performance from star Liza Minnelli as Sally, the girl in the centre of a love triangle.

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The Sting - 1973

George Roy Hill won Best Director and Best Picture Oscars plus five others for this tale of two conmen (Paul Newman and Robert Redford) who plot to separate big time gangster Robert Shaw from his money in a ragtime 1930s America.

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Don't Look Now - 1973

Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie star as bereaved parents in this disturbing, supernatural tale set in a mysterious Venice with a mad killer on the loose. Directed by Nicolas Roeg with visual verve and unremitting tension.

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The Exorcist - 1973

Two Oscars for director William Friedkin's landmark horror movie about a young girl's possession by the devil. Less graphic than its successors, it is genuinely scary for what it does not portray rather than its revolutionary special effects.

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The Day of the Jackal - 1973

Edward Fox stars as the Jackal, an assassin who targets French President General de Gaulle in this adaptation of Frederick Forsyth's novel directed by Fred Zinnemann. With plenty of pace the picture maintains its suspense to the last.

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