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For a complete list of the Biggest 80 Films of the 60s and 70s, with individual links to The Internet Movie Database: Select from the following years:



The most successful films of the Sixties and Seventies in the UK (as measured by estimated cinema admissions) were published courtesy of The British Film Institute and Channel 4 in 2004. The top ten for each decade were:


The 1960s

1 The Sound Of Music 1965 - 30m
2 The Jungle Book 1968 - 19.8m
3 Thunderball 1966 - 15.6m
4 Mary Poppins 1964 - 14m
5 Goldfinger 1964 - 13.9m
6 The Guns Of Navarone 1961 - 11.4m
7 Doctor Zhivago 1967 - 11.2m
8 One Hundred And One Dalmatians 1961 - 9.1m
9 Oliver! 1968 - 8.9m
10 My Fair Lady 1965 - 8.6m


The 1970s

1 Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope 1978 - 20.76m
2 Grease 1978 - 17.2m
3 Jaws 1976 - 16.2m
4 The Spy Who Loved Me 1977 - 12.46m
5 The Towering Inferno 1975 - 11.78m
6 The Sting 1974 - 11.08m
7 The Godfather 1972 - 11m
8 Superman The Movie 1979 - 10.19m
9 A Clockwork Orange 1972 - 9.9m
10 One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest 1976 - 9.65m


Greatest Films
This Greatest Films website contains just about everything and anything concerning cinema and the best films, although it concentrates on the output from Hollywood. Look for the "Film History" link to see an amazingly detailed year-by-year story of the best in cinema from 1902. Plenty on the 60s and 70s.

Top 50 1960s Films
This is a chart of the top 50 1960s films from Amazon's IMDb, as selected by the public (mostly from the US). IMDb is an online movie database covering over 100,000 movies and 300,000 people with facts, trivia, reviews and multimedia links from the earliest films to the latest releases. Whether you like the top 50 or not - and it is unexpected in places - the whole site is a treasure house of cinematics.

Top 50 1970s Films
This is the top 50 list from the IMDb site for the 1970s. Definitely a film buff's website

American Film Institute
This is the American Film Institute website and, like many others, they have a collection of the hundred best films of the last century (and their list of the 100 funniest). Many, of course, are from the 60s and 70s.

British Film Institute - Top 100
The British Film Institute website includes this top 100 British films of the 20th Century. Among the list are 3 from the 1930s; 16 from the 1940s; 10 from the 1950s; 26 from the 1960s (topped by "Lawrence of Arabia"); 10 from the 1970s; 18 from the 1980s and 17 from the 1990s. Each film comes with a review and cast list.

Movie Review Query Engine
The Web's largest online directory of movie reviews. It has an American bias but this is a huge database of film reviews - all styles and from all periods.

Over ten hours of the finest sleazy listening, loungecore, funk, crime-jazz and psychedelic beats from the soundtracks of 60's & 70's cult movies.

Movie Posters
PostersFast is a service which offers a quick turn around of niche movie posters for those of you with a bit a space on your walls. It is a Detroit-based firm so everything is US-oriented. But the deal is simple, clear and the choice is excellent. Plenty of 60s and 70s film posters in their range.



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