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Patrick Jervis' website celebrates the Seekers. The Australian harmony band had a great year in 1965 with two number ones "The Carnival is Over" (a million seller) and "I'll Never Find Another You". They remained high in the UK charts to 1967 when lead singer Judith Durham went solo. Guitarist Keith Polger then went on to form the equally successful New Seekers.

50 track double album

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Sex Pistols

This website includes sounds, postcards, lyrics, photos, chronology and other information about the Sex Pistols. The boys met at the shop "SEX" in Chelsea's Worlds End in October '75. Enthused and spurred on by the shop owner, Malcolm Mclaren, they became the Sex Pistols. And then icons of British Punk music. The Sex Pistols made the top three once in 1977, with "God Save the Queen" (which reached number two despite being banned in numerous places), then twice in 1979, first with "Something Else" and then with "C'mon Everybody". In typically controversial style, the band split up in 1978 and in 1979 Sid Vicious died.

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Originally called the Drifters, the Shadows were Cliff Richard's backing group. Although they stayed with Cliff for many years, they had a massive instrumental solo hit with their first single "Apache" (the third biggest hit of 1960). Their biggest single was "Wonderful Land" (second biggest hit of 1962). their last number one was "Foot Tapper" in 1963.

Shadows 50 Golden Greats

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Shirley Bassey

Shirley Bassey has remained an international star and consistent cabaret performer since her first UK chart record in 1957. Her biggest years in terms of both single and album sales stretched from 1957 - 1975. During that time Shirley had a number one single in 1961 with "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" - taken from "The Sound of Music" - and her "Singles Album" peaked at number two in 1975.

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Showaddywaddy were very much part of the rock 'n roll revival scene in the mid Seventies. They achieved a big band sound with a line up of eight musicians. Their first chart entry was "Hey Rock And Roll", a number two in 1974 and they managed nine more top ten hits before slipping out of the charts at the end of the Seventies. Their only chart topping single was "Under The Moon Of Love" in 1976 - although they managed to get to number two on three other occasions and their "Greatest Hits" album topped the charts at the beginning of 1979.

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Simon and Garfunkel

Simon and Garfunkel were much more successful singles artists in the USA than Britain. They had a scattering of top ten hits in the UK from 1966 - 69. However, their output is dominated by albums - starting with a number one place for "Bookends" in 1968 - and then the classic "Bridge Over Troubled Waters", the biggest UK album hit of 1970 and 1971. The title single from the album also topped the singles charts for three weeks in 1970. The duo split not long after that and both Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel went on to solo success.

The Definitive Simon And Garfunkel, 20 tracks incl Bridge Over Troubled Water

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Glam Rockers Slade had topped the charts in 1971 with "Coz I Luv You" - their second single and first of 5 number ones - and were now able to release a barrage of of rock hits with quirky spellings. Their chart toppers in 1972 included "Take Me Bak 'ome" and "Mama Weer All Crazee Now". Slade took the Christmas number one in 1973 with "Merry Xmas Everybody". The band had also hit the top spot twice earlier in the year with "Cum on Feel the Noize" and "Skweeze Me Pleeze Me" while "My Friend Stan" was a number two record. They were still enjoying chart success in 1974 with a trio of top three singles including "Everyday", "Bangin' Man" and "Far Far Away". They also managed two number one albums with "Sladest" and "Old New Borrowed and Blue". The band continued making top ten singles until 1984.

The Very Best of Slade - 36 tracks, double CD

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Small Faces

One of the leading Mod bands from London, the Small Faces had a successful run of chart hits from 1965 - 68 including a number one with "All Or Nothing", in 1966, and a six week run at the top of the album charts in 1968 with "Ogden's Nut Gone Flake". The band transformed themselves into the Faces in 1969 - losing lead singer Steve Marriott and gaining Rod Stewart as a replacement - and went on to three top ten hits from 1971 - 73.

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Spencer Davis Group

Spencer Davis Group had an excellent run in 1966 following a January number one, "Keep on Running" with another chart topper "Somebody Help Me". Later in the year they were at number two with "Gimme Some Loving". However, by the end of 1967 the band lost lead singer Steve Winwood to Traffic and their chart career ended.

Best of the Spencer Davis Group, 14 tracks

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Status Quo

This website is the home of the UK rock band Status Quo with extensive details including Quo News, records, history, photo gallery, tour dates, links and contacts - there's even a Quo screen saver. Although their first singles top ten entry, "Pictures of Matchstick Men" in 1968, owed more to psychedelia, Status Quo developed a distinctive boogie rock sound in the early Seventies that carried them on to more than twenty further top ten hits to the present day. They also managed a stunning tally of album successes - with three number ones in their hey-days of the mid-seventies including "Hello", "On The Level" and "Blue For You". The band hit the top spot in the singles chart just once, in 1974, with "Break Down".

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Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder started young - his first US number one was recorded when he was twelve - and has been a regular on the UK singles and album charts ever since. His first British hit came in 1964 and he continued to release a series of chart hits throughout the Sixties and Seventies before having even greater success in the Eighties. One of his best known works, album "Songs In The Key Of Life"  reached the number two spot in 1976.

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Philadelphia vocalists the Stylistics had an excellent chart run from 1972 - 77 with eight top ten singles. Their album, "The Best of the Stylistics", was the biggest LP of 1975 also they had a quartet of top ten singles that year including number one hit "Can't Give You Anything But My Love". Their other single hits were "Star on a TV Show", "Sing Baby Sing" and "Na Na is the Saddest Word".

The Best Of The Stylistics, 16 tracks

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Suzi Quatro

Suzi Quatro was an American rock star who made it bigger in Britain with her leather outfits and rock revival style. Her first hit single, "Can the Can" was a number one in 1973. She made the top spot again in 1974 with "Devil Gate Drive" and continued to have hits until 1979.

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One of the most successful of the glam rock outfits, Sweet were ever-present on the UK charts from 1971 - 75. Although they seemed to be better at reaching the number two spot (which they did five times during this period) they had one of the biggest singles of 1973 with their only chart-topper "Blockbuster", which they followed up that year with two number two hits "Hell Raiser" and "Ballroom Blitz". 

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T. Rex

After enjoying a few minor hits from 1968 as Tyrannosaurus Rex, the glam rock duo T. Rex finally made it with a number two single, "Ride a White Swan" in 1970. They had continued singles success in 1971 with chart toppers "Hot Love" (number two hit of the year) and "Get It On". The band also scored a number one album spot in 1971 with "Electric Warrior". T. Rex continued at the top in 1972 with "Metal Guru" and also topped the charts with "Telegram Sam" while hitting number two spot with both "Children of the Revolution" and "Solid Gold Easy Action". Album "Electric Warrior" stayed high in the charts for the second year. They also had album chart toppers with "Prophets, Seers and Sages" and "Bolan Boogie". However, by the time of singer Marc Bolan's death in 1977 they were no longer chart regulars.

Marc Bolan and T.Rex - Expanded Edition, 24 tracks

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10cc were something of a supergroup - a collection of individuals who already had success with other bands in the Sixties. They first entered the singles charts in 1972 with a number two, "Donna", and remained until 1978 with chart topper "Dreadlock Holiday". However, their biggest was number one single "I'm Not in Love" (1975) and they remained as well known for their consistent album output as for their singles hits.

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Three Degrees

The Three Degrees' third British chart single was "When Will I See You Again", which was one of the top sellers of 1974 and their only UK number one. However, the American female trio were regularly in the UK top ten until 1979 when they had a top three hit with "Woman in Love".

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Tina Charles

British vocalist Tina Charles had her purple patch from 1976 - 78. She managed a particularly good run on the singles chart in 1976. Her first was a number one, "I Love to Love" was followed by high top ten places first with "Dance Little Lady Dance" and then "Dr Love".

I Love to Love: Plus, 14 tracks

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Tom Jones

Tom Jones has become one of the most prolific and successful solo singers of the last forty years with a his unique vocal style covering a huge range from country to R&B via pop. After a couple of failed attempts in 1964, the Welshman managed the first of his two number one singles in 1965 with "It's Not Unusual". The second was million seller "Green Green Grass of Home" in 1966. The period of his great singles successes ended in 1972 but he was so consistent that he was regularly back in the top ten 28 years later.

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Tony Orlando and Dawn

Dawn was an American vocal trio whose golden period stretched from 1971 - 73. They followed top ten single "Candida" with number one success "Knock Three Times" in 1971 and then had a number three with "What Are You Doing Sunday" to round a strong year. The biggest world-wide single of 1973 of was Dawn's "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree" - their second UK number one.

The Best Of Tony Orlando, 12 tracks incl Knock Three Times & Candida

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Among the other big selling acts of 1962 were British instrumental group the Tornados. Initially the backing group for Billy Fury, the Tornados had a massive world-wide hit with "Telstar" (the first US number one for a British act). The number was named after the recently launched communications satellite - at the time seen as very high technology - and producer Joe Meek created a techie sound to go with the melody (despite, it is said, having to work in an upstairs bedroom rather than a studio).

24 hits from the Tornados

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After having considerable success earlier in the sixties backing Brian Poole, the Tremeloes topped the charts in their own right in 1967 after splitting from Poole the year before. That year they had a number one with "Silence is Golden" and manage top five hits with both "Here Comes My Baby" and "Even the Bad Times are Good". They continued to produce top ten singles until 1971. 

Silence Is Golden: 49 tracks from the Tremeloes

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The Troggs had their purple patch in 1966 - 67 thanks to a series of big selling singles starting with a UK number two, "Wild Thing" (a number one in the USA) then a number one for "With a Girl Like You" and another number two with "I Can't Control Myself".

The Troggs Greatest Hits - 25 tracks

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Village People

Top single of the year 1979 - and still one of the memorable anthems of the Seventies - was "YMCA" by Village People. It was a million seller in the UK and they followed it with a number two, "In The Navy".

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Despite a lengthy run of thirteen top ten hits from 1965 - 76, the Who never had a number one single. Their live act enjoyed a tremendous reputation, and it still does, while their album output has been prodigious with nine top ten LPs. And that does include an album chart-topper, "Who's Next" in 1971. The two biggest singles, both of which faltered at the second spot, were "My Generation" in 1965 and "I'm A Boy" in 1976.

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Wizzard was formed by Roy Wood, formerly of the Move (a group which also provided the building blocks for the Electric Light Orchestra). The new formation started with a 1972 top ten hit "Ball Park Incident" then followed this up with two chart toppers in 1973, "See My Baby Jive" and "Angel Fingers" before driving perennial Christmas song "I Wish it Could be Christmas Every Day" to the top five. By the end of 1974 their chart hey-days were over.

The best of Roy Wood & Wizzard, 20 tracks

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Children's TV characters, the Wombles, were unlikely chart performers. Yet they had a steady stream of top ten singles throughout 1974 starting with "The Wombling Song" and followed by "Remember You're a Womble", "Banana Rock", "Minuetto Allegretto" and their biggest hit of the year a number two placing for "Wombling Merry Christmas". Their time at the top was shortlived, however, and they were out of the charts by the beginning of 1976.

The Best Wombles Album So Far, 17 tracks

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All the Stars

Perhaps the best collection of links to the websites of the biggest and best artists of the Sixties and Seventies. If your favourite performers do not appear in the list above then check this terrific site for them.


The giant database of information about artists throughout the world and over time created and maintained by the Open Music project.


How does webmaster Anna describe her great website? Well she says: "Where would pop music be today without the Beatles' innovation? Without the Kinks' songwriting talent? Without the Yardbirds' guitar influence? These groups were not only vital to the evolution of pop music, but they are still a lot of fun to listen to!" Click on to her links to find out more about some of the greatest bands of the British beat boom of the 1960s.

Rolling Stone

The great American rock and pop magazine has a stunning database of information about the bands and soloists who have contributed to the US music scene over many decades.

The History of Rock 'n' Roll

Like the title says, this website looks lovingly and in depth at how rock 'n' roll developed from every possible angle. It covers "The Golden Decade 1954 -1963".

Classic Rock Music

The Signatures Superstars website probably has the biggest selection of music merchandise and memorabilia on the web - collectibles, tee-shirts, programmes, posters.


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