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There were many great artists of the Sixties and Seventies. However, the big five - in terms of their domination of the charts - in alphabetical order were Abba, the Beatles, Cliff Richard, Elvis Presley and the Osmonds. Find out more about these and the other bands below.



This Abbafiles site features a collection of Abba and Abba related information. Includes a discography of the band and the individual members, lyrics, pictures, books and links to other Abba sites. Abba emerged on the scene in 1974 with a number one Eurovision Song Contest hit "Waterloo" but the Swedish band took the charts by storm from 1976 to the end of the decade with a series of chart topping singles and top selling albums like "Arrival".

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Acker Bilk & Paramount Jazz Band

Clarinetist Acker Bilk fronted the trad jazz-style Paramount Jazz Band to four top ten hits in the early Sixties. The biggest, "Stranger On the Shore", was a TV programme theme that never made the top spot but spent a year in the charts to become a UK million seller in the period 1961 - 62.

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Adam Faith

Adam Faith, originally named Terry Nelhams, is described as a "musician, actor and businessman" by Mike Smith who has published this excellent website. His real impact on the British charts were in the years 1959 - 63. He had 5 top five hits in 1960, with "Poor Me" a number one. However, he is also well remembered for his starring role in 70s TV series "Budgie".

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Alvin Stardust

The rock revival of the early Seventies was good news for Alvin Stardust whose "Jealous Mind" was a number one in 1974 and who also had top ten hits with "Red Dress" and "You You You" that year. Alvin had re-invented himself as the arch rocker following an earlier pop career when, as Shane Fenton and the Fentones, he had a number of minor top thirty hits in 1961 - 62. In his new guise he scored a series of top ten hits from 1973 - 84.

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Andy Williams

American Andy Williams has been at the top for over fifty years, starting as a member of family act, the Williams Brothers and then carving out a very successful solo career. His first chart entry in the UK was his only number one, in 1957. However, he captured the number one album spot in 1968 with "Love Andy"; in 1970 with "Andy Williams' Greatest Hits"; and in 1971 with "Home Loving Man". Andy was ever-present during the Sixties and Seventies up until 1976, helped by a much-watched series of TV shows.

26 of his greatest hits

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The Animals reached the UK top ten no less than eight times from 1964 - 67. Their first entry was with the classic "House of the Rising Sun", their only British number one - almost not released because it was 'too long' at over four minutes. They disbanded and re-formed around lead singer Eric Burdon in 1966, although Alan Price had already parted company in 1965.

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Anthony Newley

Judy Harris has put together this fond memory of Newley who died in 1999. Anthony Newley, who had successive number one hits in 1960 with "Why" and "Do You Mind", enjoyed his golden period from 1959 - 61. He was originally a successful actor - a child star from 14 - who became a pop singer almost by accident. He had numerous film, stage and TV roles included the Artful Dodger in David Lean's 1948 film Oliver Twist.

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Biggest world-wide single of the year 1969 was "Sugar Sugar" from the Archies - very much a one hit wonder band but they were number one in the UK for 8 weeks. The characters came from an American cartoon and the lead singer on this enormously successful hit was Ron Dante.

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Art Garfunkel

Following the break up of Simon & Garfunkel, Art Garfunkel concentrated on his acting and produced a series of albums. However, he managed the second biggest single of 1979 with "Bright Eyes", a million seller - he also enjoyed a number two album that year with "Fate For Breakfast". In 1975 he revived "I Only Have Eyes For You" - also a number one single.

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The Irish vocal trio, the Bachelors, revived a series of hits from the Fifties and earlier to make the top ten eight times from 1963 - 66. Their only number one was "Diane", in 1964. That was their best year, with a further three top five hits at a time when - most weeks - they had two top twenty records.

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Bay City Rollers

Teenybopper stars the Bay City Rollers had their best years from 1974 - 77. They were the biggest act of 1975, thanks to three big singles "Bye Bye Baby" (the number two single of the year), "Give a Little Love", also a number one, and "Money Honey", a number three. The band also had a number one album in 1975 with "Once Upon a Star".

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Beach Boys

After spending the early Sixties as an American phenomenon, the Beach Boys finally broke into the UK charts in 1966 with a trio of top three hits led by "Barbara Ann" then "Sloop John B" and "God Only Knows" before making number one with "Good Vibrations". Their LP, "Pet Sounds" was also a big success in 1966 and went on to be one of the most acclaimed albums of the decade. The Beach Boys fan club was started by Alice, the president, in 1973, when she wrote to rock magazines expressing an interest in seeing more articles about the band and it is the official Beach Boys fan organisation.

The Very Best of the Beach Boys, 30 tracks

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If you want just one Beatles site, then "I Am The Beatles" is the site to find everything about the band. 'All the albums, all the songs, all the lyrics, and what their songs really mean.' Their first big hit was in 1963. "Please Please Me" did not reach number one on all the UK charts but the follow up singles "From Me To You", "She Loves You" and "I Want to Hold Your Hand" were huge hits. Sales of both "She Loves You" and "I Want to Hold Your Hand" exceeded 1.5 million in the UK - the first time this level had ever been reached. Within another year "I Want to Hold Your Hand" had become the biggest ever selling global single by a British artist. Not only did the Beatles master the singles charts until April 1970 when the band broke up but their albums also dominated the LP charts through the Sixties.

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Bee Gees

The Bee Gees were an ever-present in the Sixties and Seventies. Although strongly associated with "Saturday Night Fever" (the soundtrack was the year's biggest album of 1978 and seven of the tracks are by the Bee Gees), their chart career is long and illustrious starting in 1967 and running to the present day. Their hottest period was from 1967 when they had their first number one, "Massachusetts", to 1979 when they topped the charts once again with "Tragedy".

The Bee Gees - Their Greatest Hits The Record, double CD 42 tracks

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Billy Fury

Billy Fury (real name Ronald Wycherly) was a consistent star who never quite made the number one spot but came close with "Halfway To Paradise" and "Jealousy" in 1961. He had eleven UK top ten hits from 1960 - 65, four of them in the top three. Billy saw a revival when he played a cameo role in 1972 rock film "That'll Be The Day" and sang on a couple of tracks but he died in his early forties in 1983.

Billy Fury, The 40th Anniversary Anthoogy, double CD

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Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas

Like the Beatles, this was another Mersey band - and also in the Brian Epstein stable. Their single hits started in 1963 with Lennon/McCartney song "Do You Want to Know a Secret" which just failed to hit the top spot. Then "Bad to Me" and "Little Children" were number ones.

The Very Best Of Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas, 29 tracks

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Blondie was the top act of 1979 as punk and its influence changed the pop music scene completely. The band built on its success of 1978 by scoring two consecutive number one single hits: "Heart of Glass" and "Sunday Girl" followed by a number two with "Dreaming" and a top twenty hit "Union City Blue". Their album "Parallel Lines" was the biggest of the year, finally making the number one spot in February. It had been launched the previous September and sales built steadily. They continued to have a major influence on the UK charts until 1982.

Blondie, The Greatest Hits, 19 top tracks

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Bob Dylan

This site is devoted to the songs, recordings and performances of Bob Dylan - a man who had a huge influence on the music and thinking of the Sixties. It includes the catalogue of officially released albums and songs. There is also a searchable database of Bob Dylan's published lyrics. Dylan was always more of an album artist, enjoying a consistent run of top ten entries in the UK charts from 1964 - 83, including six number ones from 1965 - 70, the biggest of which was probably "John Wesley Harding" which topped the LP charts for three months in 1968. He also managed six top ten singles during the second half of the Sixties.

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Bobby Vee

The Official Bobby Vee website celebrates the 40 year career of Robert Velline of North Dakota, USA. His success in the UK included 7 top ten hits during 1961 - 63. His biggest success was "Take Good Care of My Baby" and his first UK hit "Rubber Ball" had to contend with a big-selling cover version from Marty Wilde.

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Boney M

Boney M were at their peak from 1977 - 79, launching their UK chart career with top three hits in 1977 with "Sunny" and "Ma Baker". In another year Boney M would be top performers but they had to settle for number two in 1978. Their big single was "Rivers of Babylon", biggest hit of the year and eventually selling just under two million copies in the UK alone. Later in the year they had a top two song with "Rasputin" followed by a massive Christmas hit with the classic "Mary's Boy Child" (another huge seller that eventually reached 1.8 million in the UK and second biggest hit of the year). They also had a huge album hit with "Night Flight to Venus" in 1978.

The Magic Of Boney M, 20 top tracks

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Boomtown Rats
Among the punk notables of the period 1977 - 80 were Irish band the Boomtown Rats who finally had a number one in 1978 with "Rat Trap" and followed this with a number one single "I Don't Like Mondays" in 1979.

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Brenda Lee

This is the official website of American country star Brenda Lee - "Little Miss Dynamite" - who had a steady stream of top twenty singles from 1960 - 65. Although she never had a UK number one, Brenda reached number three with "Speak to Me Pretty" (her biggest UK hit).

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Brotherhood of Man

The biggest single of 1976 belonged to "Save Your Kisses for Me" by Brotherhood of Man, a UK million seller and winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. However, the band had first entered the British top ten in 1970 and went on to reach number one again in 1977, with "Angelo", and 1978, with "Figaro".

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Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music

Bryan Ferry formed Roxy Music in 1971 and spent the Seventies and Eighties alternating between being the band's singer and a solo career. On his own Bryan had four top ten hits in the Seventies. Roxy Music were in the top ten six times with hits including "Love Is the Drug" in 1975 and "Dance Away" in 1979 both reaching number two. Their album "Stranded" topped the LP charts in 1973 - just one of a series of big selling albums through the decade.

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The Carpenters were at the top from 1970 - 77. Their first UK top ten single was "Close To You", released in 1970. However, they never made the top spot with their singles. Their biggest successes were "Yesterday Once More", a number two in 1973, and "Please Mr Postman", a number two in 1975. On the other hand, their album "The Singles 1969-1973" was the biggest of 1974.

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Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) became a stronger album than singles artist. But he still had four top ten hits from 1967 - 72. The biggest was "Matthew and Son", a number two in 1967. His run of five top three albums started in 1971 with "Teaser and the Firecat" and went on to 1975.

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Cilla Black

The Mersey sound had been very much a male preserve until Cilla Black emerged in 1963. As Priscilla White, she had been a cloakroom attendant at the Cavern Club in Liverpool until Beatles' producer George Martin signed her up. Her only two number ones were in 1964: "Anyone Who Had a Heart" (a cover of a Dionne Warwick US hit) and "You're My World".

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Cliff Richard

The official Sir Cliff Richard website naturally celebrates the life and times of the star who had chart hits from the Fifties to the Nineties. During the decades since he crashed into the UK charts in 1958, it is claimed that he has sold 250 million records He was ever-present through the Sixties and Seventies with his best years running from 1960 to 1963, when he was constantly backed by the Shadows - in their own right a very successful band.

46 Cliff hits, double CD

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