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British 60s & 70s Chartbusters

Backdate takes a look at the hit records and top selling artists of the Sixties and Seventies on the British charts. Just click on the year from which you want to see details in the list below:


1960 - The year of Elvis, the Everlys and Cliff, an extension of the music style of the Fifties.


1961 - More Elvis and Cliff and the Shadows, no sign of the Swinging Sixties starting yet.


1962 - Still Cliff and the Shadows just edging ahead of Elvis and Frank Ifield - but things are going to change.


1963 - The Merseysound crashes onto the scene through the Beatles and Gerry and the Pacemakers.


1964 - The Beatles still ahead of Roy Orbison with fellow Liverpudlians the Searchers close behind.


1965 - Still the Fab Four but now the Rolling Stones are on their trail followed by the Seekers.


1966 - While the Beatles make albums the Beach Boys, Spencer Davis and the Troggs steal the singles charts.


1967 - The Beatles are back on top and now Englebert and the Monkees are making it big too.


1968 - It's still the Beatles and Englebert with strong showings from Love Affair and the amazing Satchmo.


1969 - The 60s end with a flourish from the Beatles and Elvis plus Fleetwood Mac and Marvin Gaye.


1970 - No real winners this year but Elvis hangs in there with the Jackson Five around for the first time.


1971 - Glam rock hits the UK with T. Rex leading the way tamed by Dawn and Middle of the Road.


1972 - The Osmonds edge ahead of T. Rex followed by the New Seekers and rockers Slade.


1973 - Still the Osmonds run the show pushed now by glam rocker Gary Glitter and David Cassidy.


1974 - Third year at the top for the Osmonds with glam rock represented by Mud, Glitter and the Rubettes.


1975 - Scotland's Bay City Rollers top the year ahead of the Stylistics, Mud, Queen and Glitter.


1976 - Abba break into the top spot with Elton John having his best chart year.


1977 - David Soul leads followed, tragically, by Elvis who died August 16th 1977.


1978 - It's all about "Grease" so Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta rule ahead of Boney M.


1979 - The 70s end with a complete change as Blondie, Police, Abba, Gary Numan and the Sex Pistols make the scene.



If you want to know even more about the hit records of the Sixties and Seventies then try these websites:



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All But Forgotten Oldies

Rediscover your favorite songs from the sixties and early seventies. This site includes a searchable database of links to sound clips for over 4000 songs from 1960-1975 which can be browsed both by performing artist and by song title. Most song samples are in Real Audio format. Currently, over 1200 bands and artists are featured.



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